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Handgun, shotgun, or rifle for your 1st firearm?

Handgun, shotgun, or rifle for your 1st firearm?

So which one is right for you? Handgun, shotgun, or rifle? The first question that one may ask is, 'Why do I need a gun and what is it's purpose?' There are a variety of firearms that are built for different purposes thus asking the question of 'why' may help first time gun owners choose the right gun. In many cases, first time gun buyers are looking for a tool that will defend their home and their loved ones from dangerous people and situations at home. A man must be able to defend his castle against attacks. It's our natural right to defend ourselves from evil.

For defensive purposes at home, a handgun or a shotgun would be the best option. A rifle can be used as a self-defense tool at home by a trained individual, but as a beginner a handgun or shotgun may be more appropriate. Shotguns use pellets in their ammunition to create a spread patter for the projectiles. This spread pattern increases the chances of a hit on the target. Civilian rifles are almost always semi-automatics (one shot per trigger press) and shoots a small projectile one at a time and can be a handful for a beginner shooter. Handguns are also a viable option because of its size and various calibers that are available. Although handguns are weaker than shotguns and rifles in terms of energy it is still an effective tool against intruders. Additionally, handguns can be carried by licensed conceal carry holders thus it can be a means to defend oneself outside the home. A whole book can be written about which firearm is right for you but knowing the basic functions of firearms and asking yourself 'what is the purpose of this gun' can aid in making the right decision. We will delve into some recommendations of firearms in a later post.


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