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Home Safety & Storage

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Home Safety & Storage

In addition to safe gun handling skills and knowledge everyone must know, storage and safe keeping of firearms is another crucial aspect of gun ownership. There are too many accidents that could have been prevented if responsible owners stored their firearms safely and securely. This is often overlooked but it can lead to dire consequences. To avoid needless injury or death every responsible gun owner must secure their firearm against unauthorized persons. There are many safe storage options available to choose from.

1) Trigger and Cable Locks

New guns from the manufacturer come with some type of lock.

2) Plastic & Fabric Gun Cases

Plastic and fabric gun cases are designed for safely transporting your firearm but the materials are not intended for longer-term storage. These can allow moisture into the firearm causing it to rust.

3) Strong Boxes & Metal Gun Cases

Metal gun cases offer portable storage like a fabric or plastic case but have much greater security. Strong boxes are similar but can be mounted for permanent attachment.

4) Locking Steel Gun Cabinets

Locking steel cabinets are lighter than a gun safe. Their
simple locking mechanisms and lack of insulation also reduces
costs, making them much more affordable.

5) Gun Safes

Safes possess locks that prevent a gun from being handled or loaded, upholstered interiors and gun racks to protect the finish of your firearms, and serve as an effective theft deterrent. There are many makes and models of gun safes so it’s important to think about cost as well as the amount of firearms you own or plan to purchase in the future. Safes come in different sizes, gauges of steel, locking mechanisms, levels of fire resistance, warranties, shelf and rack configurations, and exterior color and finishes. All of these factors are things to consider and will determine a safe’s price. Safes can get very large, heavy, and expensive but are the most secure gun storage option available.


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